On Tuesday, May 21st, Joel Mongeon, hereafter referred to as Property Manager(PM) contacted me, stating that there was an individual in the building photographing a young female nude. An employee of Northbridge Glass was working in the building at the time, and felt uncomfortable as there were strange individuals in the building. PM stated that the individual (Andre Lambiase) was a friend of Paul Granese, my old business partner who moved to California in 2015, and he did not know the studio was closed. According to PM, he asked them to finish up and leave.

On Wednesday, I came across an Instagram story containing video from within the building. I sent the message “Hey, I want you to know this is my private studio building. Whoever brought you here has absolutely no permission to be here, and is trespassing. It’s illegal and dangerous for a “photographer” to take a model along to places and tell them they have permission.” The response was vitriolic, and can be read below.


Later that day, PM filed a no trespass order against Andre Lambiase. I contacted my old business partner, Paul Granese, to check records of business with Andre Lambiase. Andre has never been to the Clinton location as a member, a tenant, or a short term rental. His only interaction, according to Paul Granese, was attending a group shoot in 2013. He was not contacted, nor did he give permission. Additionally, Paul Granese no longer operates a business in Clinton, MA, let alone Massachusetts. 

On Wednesday night at 11:07 PM, Andre contacted me through a pseudonym “im_indice” with the following message: “Dude mind your business. What you did is harassment. Your(sic) harassing a girl regarding something that has nothing to do with You(sic). You’re incredibly childish and a complete coward. Your(sic) should be ashamed of yourself. You’re not a tenant of the building; therefore you have zero say in this. Mind your business. If this continues you will be brought to the police. This is your only notice.” I responded the next morning with the following: “I am a tenant. I’ve been a tenant for almost a decade. Police reports have been filed. Do not contact me again.” This was my only message to Andre. At 11:14 PM, Andre contacted my employer with the following message: “Just an FYI, you have a person you are representing, Cody Burgess, he has been harassing a young girl. Currently he is being a predator. We will be contacting all of your clients to let them know of this and the potential that Anchor will be sending him along to future shoots. Additionally, we will be going to the police if this continues.” I reported the account “im_indice” to instagram for harassment.


On Thursday, I received the following message at 5:49PM “You’re a coward and have zero balls. I’ve told plenty people how you tried to intimidate an eighty pound girl about something that has nothing to do with you, you chump punk. You know full well you’d get slapped around if you tried that with someone your own size. You’re a nobody now and you’ll be a nobody when you die. Do me this one favor, please mouth off to someone whose not an eighty pound girl; when that person slaps the shit out of you, think of me, it’ll be like I did it to you. Last thing you parasitic lowlife clown with nothing in life but pure stupidity, mind your fucking business you clown nobody. Add that to your imaginary police report you fucking creep.” The account was reported again to Instagram for harassment, and was blocked.


On Friday, I went to Clinton Police Department to get a copy of the trespass notice, and file a harassment claim and takedown. CPD stated that they were unable to work with Facebook Inc’s legal team to remove the libelous statements or accounts. I then went to Clinton District court to file a restraining order with the above evidence, and was denied.

On Saturday starting at 9:18PM and continuing to 11PM, the model, now identified as Abigail Longtine, 20, of Hudson Mass, sent the following messages:

“Hey there! You’re a massive pussy? :)”

“Do you enjoy being cucked?”

“Because that’s what’s gonna happen in court”





Full Name/Real Acct

Abby Longtine Age 20


Andre’s Non Porn Account

Age 47


Property Managers Statement


PM Statement 2

Cody Burgess