A photograph is so much more than glossy paper – it is a moment.  It is a small glimpse of life.  To capture a second in time is a gift that few possess.  A perfect photo is the groom’s expression when he sees his bride for the time.  It is the flawless flicker of light against a piece of art.  It is the touch of hands, the meeting of eyes, or the smooth finish of wood.  These are the moments that need to be captured and saved forever.

Cody Burgess has devoted his life to finding these beautiful moments.  With simply a camera he can capture an event, an object, or a person in the perfect light.  His passion is not just for photography, but for memories as well.  He uses his skills to help create lasting memories for families, companies, and individuals.  If we don’t keep records of the things we care about, they can float away on the river of life.  A photograph is the truthful convergence of light and shadow, preserved in pixels and ink.

Cody has a background in fine art, able to see the hidden beauty in his subjects.  He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, Mass, which proved to be a catalyst for his craft.   In the exquisite landscape of New England, Cody was able to fine-tune his trade.  He has an extensive portfolio that includes both wedding and commercial photography.  

For wedding photography, it is vital to find someone who understands the vulnerability and splendor of the day.  There are secret instances that can leave lasting footprints on a marriage.  The wedding dress, the cake, the flowers – these are all important parts of the ceremony but they are not the only thing to be captured.  Cody looks for the personal moments.  The experience of new families coming together.  The looks of love that the couple exchange.  The tears, the smiles, and the laughter.  Cody wants to display it all.  When you ask Cody to be your wedding photographer, you are inviting him into your life for a day.  He will find the stunning images that you will cherish forever.  Your new family will be encapsulated within his photographs.

For commercial photography, Cody wants to find the best way to showcase your products.  Whether you operate a large or small company, the images you send to the world will define the quality of your work.  When you hire Cody, you will be hiring someone who understands the nature of photography.  He operates a large studio with the ability to accommodate a wide range of clients. He knows that you can have a brilliant product, but without the imaging to back it up you’ll lose potential customers.  With careful planning and execution, Cody will showcase your work to match the tone and brand of your company.  

A photograph conveys an emotion.  The ability to see these micro-expressions and preserve them is what defines an image.  We do not know the true value of our moments until they become memories. 




"I needed 20 or so images of small ceramic works documented. Cody did an amazing job, and took extra time to reduce glare, optimize difficult glazes to photograph, and was extremely patient and friendly throughout the whole process. Within just a couple of days, he edited the images and sent them to me, with a note about resizing them for different needs, such as a website. Cody goes above and beyond to get the job done just right. I would recommend him highly, and will use his services again in the future for documenting art work. He is extremely knowledgable in his field, friendly, and driven to make the customer happy. Also, his rates are extremely reasonable."

I can't give a review that will do Cody justice for the work he did for our wedding. I had known Cody for a few years and after a disappointing meeting with another photographer I contacted Cody who was overjoyed to take on our vision. He did our engagement shoot which we wanted at a local music venue. He contacted the venues and spent the entire day making sure he got the shots we wanted. He then made AMAZING save the dates for us, they were perfect. The day of our wedding he arrived with a second photographer and got to work. It was so casual and comfortable. Most of the day I did not even notice them taking pictures. He was calm and courteous to everyone and made sure he did not miss a shot. I can honestly say he did more than go above and beyond. Our photos are beautiful..perfect. If you are looking for someone to capture your wedding day the way YOU want it, go with Cody, he will capture every memory that you can see for a lifetime.